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My life started at a place named Gyanpur on 7th October 1976,which is now a district in Uttar Pradesh(India). It is situated in between Allahabad and Varanasi. since my father ia a government employee, we were transferred to a place called Gopeshwar, in Himalayas(I was only 4 year old then). But soon we were transferred back to planes in a place name Hardoi, where all my studies took place.

My first school was Bal Vihar School whose Principal Mrs. Ranjana Singh was very strict and discipline loving. I used to be very naughty those days(as my parents say). Then after studying upto 5th, I was shifted to Ram Junior High School for 6th to 8th standards. I used to take part in GK competitions and sport events. Then for doing my 10th I was shifted to Ganga Devi Inter College, a college where science department is very good for 9th and 10th. Since my State Board is very tough, it is very difficult to get very high marks like the students of CBSE use to get. In GDIC we used to go to Sugar mill to eat hot sugar and drinking sugar cane juice. Then finally I took admission in RR Inter College to finish my 10+2. I used to participate in Table Tennis competition at district level.

Then came the crucial period, when soon after getting my 10+2 result, my father had a heart attack. But with God's grace he survived because of his sheer will power. Meantime my brother took admission into MBA, and next year in 1994 I got selected for REC Calicut(Kerala) in Computer Science and Engg.

After living there the hostels of REC, I realized that the life is not complete without being in the hostels. You will learn how to share the views, lot of heated arguments will be there among friends. You will be taken care of once you are sick and will enjoy festivals being among the friends. Really it a great experience being there in the hostel. I accept at times I used to get frustrated because of the poor infrastructure of the college, and also not so good syllabus, but anyway it helped us a lot.

Then when I joined Deltatec Solutions Ltd, that was one of the worst moment of my life and I can never forgive them for the way they treated those people who joined along with me. Truly speaking I never want to talk about that company, but since my Sister is working there and few of my close friends are there, I talk about that company. Anyway now the present is more important for me than the past, but one very important thing to remember Never say die, prove yourself that you are capable.

One thing in my life I could never learn is to say no when I want to say no, always I will say yes, and that commitment sometimes proves costly to me. I like to help people and I always like to see people happy to whom I love and like. I like people who are hardworking and rarely say that they are tired because of too much of work, and if you don't like the work leave the job. One must develop interest for working, because it can not be forced. Then I never liked the mentallity of the people who are getting mad for going to US and are getting desperate to go there. The needs are never ending. The more you think of aquring, the more you will become materialistic. Alway live in your limitations and then you will be happy. Ask people for anything when you think it is most important for you. These are the teachings of my parents. I don't know how many people will be agree with this, but you will get respect only when you will respect others, because one's respect is in one's hand.

Rest I will write soon..