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Father and Mother I love you

Well now the time to tell you about my small family of which I am a part...

     I have my parents in Sitapur, which is situated around 80 KM north-east of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. My father, Dr. Shiva Kumar Bhargava is the Principal of Government Degree College in Sitapur and also the professor of Chemisrty. My mother Smt. Sushma Bhargava is a house wife. My mother prepares some of the most delecious dishes in the world.I am very closed to my falmily and basically never wants to get myself detached from them. That is why I don't like the very concept of Atomic Family.

      My brother, Mr. Rohit Bhargava is a Marketing person, associated with Birla Group of Companies. My Bhabhi, Mrs. Chandni Bhargava is also a house wife who also prepares some delights.My brother is MBA and my Bhabhi(sister-in-law) is M.Sc. Maths.

     Then I have an elder sister too. Her name is Tamil Selvi. She is a MCA and is one of the loveliest sisters in the world for me. She is as caring as other my famliy members.But she is a bit short tempered like me. She is married now and lives in Singapore. She has a daughter, named Kamalini.

The most important thing regarding our family is even though the geography departs us in a long way but still we are all very close to each other and that is the Mantra of a successful family. Yes, in every family there will be problems, ego clashes but without having all those things we can not enjoy the life.. and the life becomes too monotonous. Take the example of myself and my brother. Both of us will be fighting because I will say his job is of different kind whereas our is time bound, so we can enjoy by taking the leaves as soon as the work is over.. that will be a little teaser for him. Similarly I use to tease my Didi and then she will scold me.But I know she never means whatever she says in is all part of the life.

     We belong to Raebareli, which is famous for being the constituency of Late. Smt. Indira Gandhi. There I have 5 of my cousing brothers, 3 cousin sisters (the first two are in Bombay, the third didi is in Jaipur) is my Aunty, Bhabhis and Kids. The youngest of them is Utsav, who is very lovely. Then I have Shruti Bhargava, the eldest of my niece, then Shashank Bhargava, Tanya Bhargava, Tanmay Bhargava and finally Sakshi Bhargava.

I have been married to Bhawana for last 4.4 years now and we have a son of 2.3 years. His name is Vedant Bhargava. Recently I have put his photos on this site. I need to get some more photos for Bhawana also. I will do that after sometime. Overall I love my family and feel proud to be a member of this family.

She is my mother. Click to see larger image.
My mother
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